Mexico: They are authentic and one piece, experts say about 1,000 year old alien skeletons

Mexico: They are authentic and one piece, experts say about 1,000 year old alien skeletons

A week ago (12/09), two 1,000 year old non-human remains were presented to the Mexican Parliament by a UFO researcher.

Last Tuesday (09/19), Mexican lawmakers heard for the first time testimony that we are not alone in the universe and saw the alleged remains of non-human beings in an emergency hearing that marked the first event in the Latin American country's Congress on the UFOs. Mexican journalist and long-time UFO enthusiast Jaime Mausan presented politicians with what he claimed were alien corpses.

Today (09/19), a team of doctors carried out a laboratory study of the skeletons, with the director of the Ministry of the Navy's Health Sciences Research Institute reporting that 'the remains belong to a single skeleton and are not assembled. Furthermore, there is no evidence of tampering with the skulls.'

The probability of alien life is almost 100%, according to a Greek scientist
They exist and we're looking to find out what they are. That phrase sums up the discussion between officials and NASA experts about UAP research five days ago.

NASA defines Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena as events observed in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena from a scientific point of view. These are the familiar UFOs, however, due to the fact that the term had a negative connotation, it has been officially replaced by the term UAP.

On September 15, Space Research Center supervisor Stamatis Krimizis expressed the opinion that NASA, in accordance with its founding law, does not withhold evidence and added that the possibility of another Earth in the universe is close to 100%, speaking to ERT.

Responding to the possibility of life from another species being found in space at some point, Mr. Krimizis emphasized that there are around 40 billion exoplanets similar to Earth. 'If we put these numbers together, and add the fact that there are also 2 trillion galaxies, we arrive at probabilities with a number with twenty zeroes. The probability that there is another Earth in one of these galaxies is almost 100%, but the distances are such that we will never know. This is the main problem,' added the scientist.

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