What color is your date of birth? See what it means for your character

What color is your date of birth? See what it means for your character

We all know that the day of our birth also gives us our zodiac sign or even our birth number. But what you may not know is that birthdays have their own... color.

You read well. The date of birth corresponds to a color, which in turn reveals many things about our character or gifts, but even our… quirks.

It also reveals a lot about the way we approach love. So there are the colors that correspond to the birthday. It is impressive that those born on March 21, September 23 and December 22 have the privilege of belonging to unique colors. Find your date of birth in the table below, and see what it means for your character.

December 23 to January 1 – Red
January 2 to January 11 – Orange
January 12 to January 24 – Yellow
January 25 to February 3 – Pink
February 4 to February 8 – Blue
February 9 to February 18 – Green
February 18 to February 28 (February 29) – Coffee
March 1 to March 10 – Aqua
March 11 to March 20 – Lime
March 21 – Black
March 22 to March 31 – Mov
April 1 to April 10 – Navy
April 11 to April 20 – Silver
April 21 to April 30 – White
May 1 to May 14 – Blue
May 15 to May 24 – Gold
May 25 to June 3 – Krem
June 4 to June 13 – Grey
June 14 to June 23 – Brown
June 24 – Grey
June 25 to July 4 – Red
July 5 to July 14 – Orange
July 15 to July 25 – Yellow
July 26 to August 4 – Pink
August 5 to August 13 – Blue
August 14 to August 23 – Green
August 24 to September 2 – Coffee
September 3 to September 12 – Aqua
September 13 to September 22 – Lime
September 23 – Olive
September 24 to October 3 – Mov
October 4 to October 13 – Navy
October 14 to October 23 – Silver
October 24 to November 11 – White
November 12 to November 21 – Gold
November 22 to December 1 – Krem
December 2 to December 11 – Grey
December 12 to December 21 – Brown
December 22 – Veraman (blue green)

See here what each color means:

Red: A particularly lovable guy. You are selective but also constantly in love. You like to be loved. Fresh and cheerful, you can be very moody at times.

Krem: Competitive but also an athletic type. You don't like to lose, but you're always happy. Trustworthy and very outgoing. You choose love carefully and you don't fall in love easily.

Veraman: You are mainly interested in the external appearance and you have very high demands from your partner. You think a lot before making a decision and avoid stupid mistakes.

Grey: Attractive and active. You don't hide your feelings and always express whatever you have inside. But she can be quite selfish at times.

Green: You get along well with strangers. You are not shy, but sometimes you can hurt others with your words. You like to feel loved.

Gold: You have a very good sense of right and wrong. You are cheerful and outgoing. It's hard for you to find the right person for you, but when you find the right person, you won't fall in love again for a long time.

Rose: You do your best in all areas of your life and love to help and care for others. But you're not one of those girls who is easily satisfied.

Yellow: You are sweet and innocent and can be trusted. You are often the one who has the upper hand in a relationship. You make good decisions and right choices at the right time.

Brown: You're smart and you know what's right. You want to control things so they turn out the way you want them to, which can cause problems, especially when you don't think about other people's feelings.

Orange: You are really responsible for your actions and know how to treat people. You always have goals to reach and you are very competitive. When it comes to friendship, it's hard to trust someone, but if you find the right friend, you trust them forever.

Mauve: You are mysterious, but never selfish and always interested in new things. Your day can be good or bad depending on your mood. You are popular in the company, but you often act stupid and forget things easily.

Lime: You are a gentle person, but you can easily become overly stressed. You get jealous easily and complain about the smallest thing.

Silver: You have a vivid imagination and are generally shy, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't try new things. You like challenges and can learn new things very easily. The love of your life is difficult and confusing.

Black: You like to take on challenges and are very courageous. However, you don't like changes in your life and when you make a decision, you keep it for a long time.

Olive: You are a warm and bright person. You get along very well with friends and family. You don't like violence and you know what is right and what is wrong. You are kind and cheerful and do not easily envy others.

Brown: You are very active and athletic. It is difficult for them to approach you, to come close to you, but on the other hand you can fall in love very easily. When you realize you can't have something, you give up easily and forget quickly.

Blue: You have low self-confidence and are very picky. You are artistic in nature and love to fall in love, but you often love with your mind and not your heart.

Navy: You are very charming and love life. Your emotions are intense around you and this easily distracts you. If you get angry with someone it is very difficult to forgive them.

White: You have dreams and goals in your life. You get jealous easily and sometimes have a high opinion of yourself. Many times those around you look at you in awe.

Aqua: Your emotions change suddenly and easily. You are honest, but you believe others too easily. It's hard to find the right love and even easier to get lost in love, which can hurt you.

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