Holland: The country's famous tulips are being destroyed!

Holland: The country's famous tulips are being destroyed!

The Netherlands is famous for growing tulips, and during the blooming season the fields and gardens in the country are a must-see for tourists. But, in their attempt to take the perfect selfie, tourists cause damage to these beautiful flowers that even cost thousands of euros.

In their quest for the perfect selfie, they don't hesitate to trample the tulips or lie on them, thus destroying them!

Tulip growers seem to be desperate

The cultivators, unable to bear to see their labor go to waste, started putting up signs with appeals to tourists to be more careful, while there is also an attempt to "educate" them. Also, the Netherlands Tourism Organization, which
blames Instagram for the rise of the phenomenon, together with local growers have launched a campaign in which a series of "ambassadors" urge those who want to take selfies not to step on the bulbs.

"Enjoy the flowers, respect our pride," reads one of the signs. “They are so careless. Large groups of people come, which we think is really cool, but they flatten everything. It's a shame and they're causing us damage. Last year, I had a loss of 10,000 euros in a field. Everything was under pressure... They want to get that selfie at any cost,” said tulip grower Simon Pennings.

Finally, in the measures taken by the growers and the tourism organization, is a group of volunteers who will be the tour guides for the tourists, in an effort to teach them the history of the tulip in the area and to make them aware so that they do not continue to destroy them.

Tips for tourists

The organization has also published tips for tourists who want to take photos and selfies with the tulips.

- Feel free to take a photo of yourself with the flowers, but don't walk on them.
- Visit one of the many specialty gardens where you can cut and pick tulips.
- Enjoy our flowers with respect.

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